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More Summer Fae


Today's Progress:
Not up early; well, yes, because Houdini woke me up needing to use the Big Outdoors. However we both went back to bed when we came back in. Got up some when around 08 - 09. Made coffee. Drank it slowly. That's as opposed to work week, when coffee is consumed rather more rapidly. I like drinking it slowly much better.

Out to feed the critters. Helped with all of it, rather than dividing to conquer as it were. Hmm, could do a two-fer again. Gave one of the pig pens a watermelon. All us Southerners like watermelon. How's that for cliche statements, eh? Still, they did enjoy it.

Back to the house, started laundry. Worked on some building blocks for another photograph, the Ghost in Tudor House. That's pretty nearly ready. Now to select which view of Tudor House really needs a ghost.

Then Herself interrupted me. It's like this. I've seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp portraying Mr. Wonka. I've never seen the version with Mr. Gene Wilder portraying Mr. Wonka. Until today, that is. Rather glad I've done that now. Isn't necessarily a couple hours or so I'd like to get back. Very '60's psychedelic in parts (no surprise since it was made in '71, hardly out of the '60's at all) and representative of a time which still enjoyed musicals. Changed out loads of laundry in the commercial breaks. It all worked out nicely.

Then out to feed the evening rounds. Middle of the day, while hot, seemed less humid and also presented a nice breeze. Evening... temps may of started easing off, but humidity crept up and the breeze blew away, nothing left of it. Sweat soaked by the time we got back in from feeding Horses, Cows, Kids, and Bros.

Now all that's left is feeding us.
Tags: art, fae, fairy, fantasy, photography, portrait

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