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Annual Hadj, Update

It's off to an ... interesting ... start.

No problems getting to DAB as mentioned yesterday. Boarded aircraft on time. Then we sat there for a bit, at the gate, due to a ground hold issued by Atlanta due to weather. So we were about 45 minutes late into Atlanta, which made my 1:15 connection time more like :30, but still I'm not worried because it was indeed bad weather in Atlanta so probably late getting out again.

Made my connection to NOLA. They were already boarding, and talking about an on-time takeoff. Oh. Well, my Zone hadn't been called yet, so when it was I wandered onto the aircraft. There'd been announcements that it was a full flight and if anyone wanted to check their carry-on see a Delta agent. Right. Everything I carry on is mission critical, i.e. one change of clothing, toiletries, laptop & supplies, camera and lenses. This is not ever checked, because it's not likely to be there if it is checked. So I figured, OK, crowded flight. We'll see.

Half the cabin was empty. Though the stewards and stewardess' were still encouraging people to occupy their assigned seats because they were still expecting people from connecting flights...

We left the gate 15 minutes late, and only one more person showed up by that point.

Raining in NOLA too. Forecast calls for rain again today, clearing tomorrow.

Got to the hotel no problem. Took the shuttle deal which AORN usually works out (round-trip ticket from/to airport, fairly low rate particularly compared to cabs). Got there early. Check in is listed as 16:00 and I arrived around noon, noon-thirty. However, into a room I went. Did the unpacking and ironing ... Oh, I see I've not mentioned that. Well, it's coming up. Sat down to veg a bit with the Toob. Knock on door; Hospitality delivering fresh fruit and bottled water. Huh? Ah... I suspect this has something to do with the commitment I made last year to my professional colleagues who elected me to office, but I'm not positive.

My luggage made the connection in Atlanta. I'd wondered if it would, but having learned this lesson in the past is why there's at least one change of clothing in my carry-on. So all my necessaries are here. On the other hand, the 20 something Hartmann's garment bag is now significantly less than water resistant. The way I'd packed it, the suit jackets and trousers were dry, but several shirts were wet to damp. Not to mention underwear and socks.

I am flexible if nothing else, and I happen to know that a hot iron does marvels to dry out a damp or wet shirt. So now nearly all of my shirts are also freshly ironed. Flashes of comments to a thread over in misia's place a while back kept popping into my head while I was ironing though... those of you reading this will know who you are and I shall not mention your name(s) to protect the wicked innocent.

At any rate, I decided to keep further excitement down to a minimum, ordered room service (chicken noodle soup and a sandwich, soup because of the Crud... I did mention the Crud, didn't I, picked up from Family last week?), and ate while watching some history thing. Up to the point I felt crunchies in the sandwich. Crunchies? Without getting TMI, investigation revealed no bones, no foriegn animal parts, just a small piece of one of my teeth.


After that, I decided it was time to cash in for the day. Hot hot soak tub because those help, drank my Thera-Flu(R), and my cough medicine, and put on one of the fluffy terry cloth robes kindly provided by the hotel, and went to bed. At 18:00. Slept through until 06:30. With very strange dreams. Normally I don't recall dreaming, much less parts of the dreams.

But feeling rested this morning, if still with cough and some congestion. Will be OK, so long as I pace myself. And I will.


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