madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Yup. North Central Baja Jorja.

The rain and thunder yesterday went a long ways to cool it off in the evening; we'd waited for it to stop to unload the feed from Forrest NissanPickup. Tarp over the feed worked great, it all stayed dry. Did mean that working proved not uncomfortable. There is a down side to this, however, and that's that there is so much moisture available today the humidity is a killer. Currently it's a mere 29 degrees C. Feels like 34.

Feels like ... well, we needed to repair a spot of fence, weakened by Isaac Bull in his quest to go next door and service Mz P's cows. His route there crossed over this spot of fence to the Goat Paddock and further up a bit, the fence between our place and Mz P's. He's broken several old posts along that line, they all lean west, inward on P's side. Easy to cross that direction; he takes a different route back. That part where he crosses into the goat paddock is the bad, bad news. Goats found it yesterday and ventured out. Isaac broke one of those posts too. Well, they've been in the ground for 21 or 22 years.

After feeding everyone, starting early to do that in the cool as well, we got started repairing fence nigh on 09:00. An hour later we finished up the repairs, including three temporary posts to replace/reinforce that stretch all attached. The broken post remains attached to the fabric, as that does prevent goats from bending it over. And at this point, I needed out of the heat and primarily the direct sunlight because of the heat.

Walking back into air-conditioned House is not such a good plan being that warm. I'd saturated my sweat-rag wiping my face, and my hat showed the sweat-marks circumferentially. Houdini and I walked back towards House staying in the shade along the fence-line while Herself drove Yard Tractor part way back. There's another fencing chore to do, she wants the tools and such closer to that. Staying in the shade helps as the perceptual difference in the temperature is noticeable. Actually, it's probably also measurable if I'd bothered to bring a thermometer. It provides a bit of time to cool down some.

Thing is, with that much humidity in the air, cooling is a lot slower as well. This is where I've learned why people who live south of the Mason-Dixon line in this part of the world are accused of being slow. We move slower, when we may, to take advantage of such breeze as may be, shade as may be, and because that way we also generate less heat from our own exercise. Pausing in spots of deep shade, either squatting or sitting on the back of Forrest NissanPickup helps as well. Even when we got to the porch, I stopped and sat on the top of the stairs for a bit despite Houdini wanting to get into House.

Still, when I stepped through the door it felt as if I'd entered a walk-in refrigerator. The House thermostat is set at 80 F / 26 C so it isn't truly a refrigerator. When I shed my shirt, that felt as if I'd been wearing it while swimming.

Now it's nigh on 11, I've showered and it will be time to do laundry. Laundry is over on the back porch of Studio 318. Maybe I'll go work in Studio. Maybe I'll walk back and forth between. It isn't such a long walk, and nearly all of it is in shade.

Welcome to North Central Baja Jorja during the Dog Days of Summer.
Tags: ranch, weather

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