madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Building Blocks


AS the header line should suggest, this piece is a building block for a larger image. Hence, is a building block. On one hand as a straight-forward image fairly good of itself. On another hand... well, this particular batch will take some work to achieve the minds-eye vision. The general concept combines some pieces from the Winter Fae session done on New Years Eve and the Summer Fae session. Techno, Dooz's partner suggested during the Winter Fae to do some images where Winter Queen could be holding herself in her hand. Getting ready for the Summer Fae session, I thought about Winter holding one of Summer's vassals in durance vile. We tried two variations, this one comes from a group using the rope light to give 'body' to magical fae energies holding the prisoner.

So, a glimpse into a 'behind the scenes' portion. The rope light itself needs some work to be less 'mundane'. Then pull her out of this composition (essentially 'blue screen' which is doable from this because of the monochromatic background(s)) and into Winter's hand.

Today, between calming a Border Collie hiding from Sky Grumblers (thunder) and laundry, we've both been working on silhouette pieces getting ready for this week's Camera Club meeting. Nothing to show directly, other than the piece from the World War Two Memorial that I used in Reflection will be re-submitted. This I can do since it did not place at all in Reflection.

Just now... suppertime.
Tags: art, building blocks, fae, fairy, fantasy, photography, portrait

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