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Catchup. Not Ketchup.

Yesterday was StayLate at Hospital. Regular readers know the rest of this. I Stayed Late. Today legs are tired & achy. Tuesday was Camera Club, which involves getting home from work, turning around the Ranch chores moderately quickly then off to City for dinner and meeting. Dinner is on our own, not with the Club. Both ways, not much reading of blog for two days now.

I am planning a variation on that poll process with the Pic'o'Day for audience participation. Will probably implement today, simply because today is off from Hospital (working Saturday) so I'll have time later. Fairly simple in concept actually. The following is quoted from Club Competition Manual:

Technical Quality, Impact and Composition. This is a standard judging method often referred to as TIC.

Technical elements include (but are not limited to); lighting, focus, use of depth-of-field, exposure, color or tonal contrast, appropriate backgrounds, lack of distracting elements and the presentation of the image in print.

Impact elements include (but are not limited to); A strong first impression, the pictures ability to command the viewers attention, emotion, sensory stimulation, a new imaginative approach, and whether the subject matter is made more interesting by the photographer.

Composition elements include (but are not limited to): the placement of the subject matter, dynamic symmetry, rhythm or repetition, definition and strength to the center of interest, balance, simplicity, framing, texture, and pattern.

The judge(s) will assign a numerical score from 1 to 9 in each of the three judging categories. The values of the scores can be interpreted as below or the judge may apply his own method.

1 to 5 Below Average
6 Average
7 Above Average
8 Superior
9 Outstanding

So the concept is, the Pic'o'Day is displayed and the poll underneath consists of three questions, Technical Elements, Impact and Composition. The answers will be radio button numbers, 1 through 9 (no multiple choice on values). Y'all then get to practice Judging a Photo.

Don't worry, there will be a gratuitous offering of Ticky Boxes.

Just now, though, it's time to go Feed teh Ranch.

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