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Boosting the Signal

There is a friend of mine, fellow interests in arts, crafts, history (though primarily different eras), fellow Veteran not only of service to our country but by God the US Navy (she served longer than I did, as well), and I speak quite highly of her skills with fibre. I've got a bit of her knitting, a project she started out of interest, got to a point, and sidetracked herself with little things like, oh, getting back into school to complete a degree en route to a better work situation and such. She offered to give it to me since I'd admired it, and I offered to trade her some of my artwork for it. We did the trade, eh.

slave2tehtink lives on the Manor of Mixed Blessings with the Usual Suspects, and through one event or another is now working to re-home some and rehabilitate other Homeless Kittehs who found her place during some Weather Vile and spread the word, 'Here's someone who cares.' While a self-professed crazy cat lady, she's also rather more sensible than sometimes she gives herself credit to be, and quite frankly, the funds are limited. However, no begger, she's offering Something of Value in exchange for assistance funding the needs of these Deserving (somewhat feral) Kittehs.

Wander on over to the Manor of Mixed Blessings Web Presence for the low down on how you might acquire some hand-dyed, with hand-made dyes in many cases, silk scarves or, yanno, even one silk scarf. Her prices are bloody reasonable and I've seen the quality of that work in person. I mentioned the bit of knitting above; apparently she felt that Portrait of St. Squrrl and Nothin' but Blue Skies, matted and ready for framing, were worth more than just the gorgeous knitting I thought we negotiated on, and she tossed in an early bit on the scarf dying experiments as well.

It's a great win-win-win situation here, folks. You win, with some marvelous hand-crafting work. The Kittehs win with some needed health care. And slave2tehtink wins with some peace of mind for a bunch of jobs well done (both the crafting and the kitteh care, eh?)...
Tags: boosting the signal

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