madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Mimosa Undead Bush

Mimosa Vampire

In the background is Big House (as opposed to what is now Studio 318, not in the photo). To the left is a fine old oak that provides shade for Big House. To the right is a power company branch pole; the electric line branches to the west and the other end of Big House for service entry, and to the east, overhead from the point of view to a power pole service entry for the well. There is also a Houdini Border Collie Bro.

In the centre is a mimosa, now a bit of a mimosa bush. On the ground, in front of Houdini is the trunk of the mimosa which used to live here, and got tall enough to threaten the power line to the well. So I cut it down. In March. Then it tried to grow back, out of the trunk, but those shoots all died as well and none became roots. At the stump, however, came the Mimosa That Would Not Die.

Bit warm to be dealing with it now. Come cooler weather... It. Goes. Away. Before it starts to threaten that overhead power line again.
Tags: art, border collie bros, landscapes, life, photography

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