madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Dog Under My Feet

Third day, almost no post. This time of year here in North Central Baja Jorja, the rainstorms move in in the late afternoon/evening. May or may not include thunder, usually do, and with the Sky Interwebs being sensitive to water in the atmosphere blocking the signal... connections get wonky. Today I've enough connection, apparently, to LJ but not enough to Flickr. And at that, not 20 minutes ago, not even connection to LJ.

Houdini is staying close to me, even nudging my arm. So there is probably some thunder out there somewhere.

Tired this week. I've been sleeping restless, based on the covers when I wake up. Sleeping through, not recalling dreaming or dreams, yet the covers say restless.

Been working on a couple of items which will be for the Necronomicon Art Show. I'm not making them to sell (or not exactly) just for the joy of making them. More on that as they get finalised, which needs to be towards the end of the month so that printing can happen in September. This year I may try getting additional smaller prints done, and matted, so I can try them in the 'Print Shop' adjunct to the Art Show. We'll see.

Also contemplating some variations on ideas. fatfred mentioned Salvadore Dali in a post a while back, or a comment to someone, and there is a Dali Museum near to where Fat Fred and Skippy live. I like Dali's work. In fact, I would be quite unsurprised if the restless sleep is because of dreams about that work, and some of the image ideas churning through my head.

They'll need some time with Photoshop or Equivalent. Some spin-offs need some time in a real shop, making some 'backdrop' displays. And I need to attend to some of the 'posing blocks' I've got, to get those ready for Studio work too. Yes, I'm being mysterious.

Decisions, decisions, restless sleep, anxiety. Necro is in October, and those decisions are pretty well set up. There is something coming up in November I've not committed to, though I believe I will and Herself says I should. And there's another December Decision that needs to be written down. All of them bringing their own anxiety.

Ah. Life. I recall the short ditty Mason Williams wrote about it...

Isn't Life beautiful, isn't Life gay,
Isn't Life the perfect thing to pass the time away.
Tags: art, art museum, life, weather

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