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Been trying to respond to a message from Hospital Health Care 'about a personal business matter' today. They'd left a message yesterday. I expect this is about the ultrasound for the suspected but probably non-existent kidney stone earlier this year. Received the BCBS statement which indicated what BCBS covered, and suggested what my payment should be. Did not receive anything from Hospital Health Care yet that I can find.

While trying to respond, every time I dial the number provided, the number is busy. Did this long enough earlier that I took the battery charge down on the cordless phone, set it to recharge and did some other chores. I've now taken the battery charge down a second time. During one of those two sessions, in between attempts to call the number they left, the phone rang, and their Automated Voice came on, leaving me the same message...

I find it somewhat amusing, and somewhat irritating both.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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