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New Garden Plot Old Doeling Pen

Houdini and Herself celebrate Herself getting her new garden plot tilled over. This is the area where we kept adolescent doelings for a couple years. Not the same doelings, as they got old enough to cope well with motherhood, they were turned back into the herd and new doelings separated out who were too young to allow to breed. Adolescent pregnancy is a mammalian problem, not simply a human one.

Two years of goat sh*t fertilizer... yup.

In other news, bits and pieces of re-organisation in Studio 318 done. Backdrops down for cleanup/grommet placing. General maintenance work in progress. Along with the odd moment or two working on photos for both Necronomicon and Camera Club(s). Yes, that's correct, Club(s). Monday evening we trundled back into Hoggetowne for the camera club meeting there. Very different atmosphere, another venue for showing and learning. We'll see which we choose to play with more permanently given some time.

In other, other news today would be Stay Late except a colleague asked to trade for tomorrow. Since I'm working a Midnight shift on Friday, staying very late (potentially) on Thursday is much more feasible in general. So I'm home, Houdini is happy, and so is Herself because I helped her load and clean up the tiller she rented (hers is in the shop).
Tags: art, people, photography, ranch, snapshots

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