madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Fry Dae More Ning

Yesterday's Stay Late proved to be one of the longer ones, still a good choice to trade because this morning I am off. Later today won't be so exciting, much later, as I head in to Hospital for that Midnight shift. Still, at the moment Houdini is quite happy and occasionally nudging me. As it, perhaps, to ask Are you Really Still Here? He did let me sleep later than the usual Wake Up Time, and started nudging me about an hour later as intracystic hydrostatic pressure built up.

Catching up on browsing and web comics and such. Reviewing in my head things to do today, related to that big December thing.

November's thing is attending a state-wide camera club convention. Registration is in, lodgings booked, and a specific workshop signed up for. We'll see what happens related to that on arrival; I should be good, as my registration is fairly early in the game. However, one workshop is sold out. Then again, I wouldn't expect a workshop with Claude Butcher in the Everglades to remain empty particularly long once registration opened.

Small progress to be pursued again today in clarifying some things over in Studio 318. Herself plans on getting some planting done in the two plots recently tilled. That's a portion of gardening I will not be helping to do, thanks to the Black Thumb. And a nap, this afternoon, for sure. Particularly if thunder rolls in, to provide Houdini with some shelter from the Sky Grumblers.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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