madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

No Pic'o'Day today, alas. Weather here included severe enough electrical storms that we've experienced a power blip. Satellite Modem and router don't like such blips. I rebooted both, which fixed most connections, however Flickr is still not behaving well. To be fair, I'm not at all sure any more that it's the Flickr site, itself. I'm thinking there's something in the specific wireless router we own that is the problem because ... well, because.

It is curious that this particular site is the one I most often encounter associated connectivity problems. Still, times in the past when web surfing at Hospital proved less restrictive, I could connect fine using the land-line (which may well go satellite at some point) then come home and be not so much. This indicates teh problem is most likely a lot more local, even with the one specific site.

Tomorrow is Primary Day here, and for the first time in a long time... I may not be voting. A good portion of this is on me. I signed up for a Stay Late without knowing what the Primary date would be, and it happens to be tomorrow. Actually, though I don't recall seeing much notice locally as to when the date is. That the whole mid-Presidential-term election is coming up, yes that's too painfully apparent. The politi-bot phone calls started a few weeks back and began escalating last week, to two or three messages left on the answering machine each day.

Not sure how much bang for buck the various candidates are getting for that approach to campaigning. Here at teh Ranch, those messages either get cut off short if we're close enough to tap a button on the machine and make it stop recording, or erased without listening. Often both.

Such is the passage of time, here.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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