madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Nope. Not Today.

No Pic'o'Day today, despite working one up, simply because today again all my browsers are telling me that WWW dot Flickr dot Com is URL UNKNOWN.

I'm fairly convinced it's the router, but not 100%. We are experiencing some heavy overcast, no rain however. Earlier today I could connect to Flickr, then started getting 'broken link' images instead of teh actual photographs. Bah.

What ever it is, it is something I've paid for and isn't behaving properly.

In other news, we've finished another supplemental Young Bull Discouragement. Not sure if he's respecting it, or one of the cows is Smelling Soooo Sweet. Either way, he's not wandered over to Neighbors for a couple days (so of course he will tonight, you wait). Still need another part to help Discouragement Accessory to work properly. It works now, however only when there is sunlight.

In yet other news, I am quite certain now I feel deprived of weekend when I work the Friday graveyard shift. Granted I don't go into work on Friday day. Granted I'm off at 07:30. I still sleep a portion of the day on Saturday and there is only Sunday as a 'day off'.

More Bah.

In happy news, I will take Herself out to eat tonight at a local establishment.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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