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Well. Well.

Well, there are photographs to upload for Pic'o'Day happenings. A good deal of necessary chores accomplished here on teh Ranch today, even if those chores did not all mean project completion. Some of this results in mild grump, some in feeling pretty darn good. And since the necessary chores were all outdoor work, and I worked on them all day, means the weather or the season is indeed beginning to turn with the earth's rotation.

First of all, the grump. Whatever the reason (router, ISP uplink covered by clouds/weather, teh Ranch satellite dish covered by clouds/weather) the connection to Flickr is once again playing difficult. It is URL Unknown. Considering that I pay for two things here, the Internet connectivity and the photographic website, on two counts I am not receiving my money's worth and at some point, I'll seriously contemplate changing something. Since December is when the Flickr account is due for renewal, it might be then. For now, no Pic'o'Day.

Meanwhile, back at Teh Ranch, the list of things accomplished provides for a sense of satisfaction. Herself put carrots and another crop into the ground today. I finished refurbishing her drum composter, at least for the time being. The tube frame is rusted halfway through at one point, and will fail eventually. So some sort of frame needs to be put together, either repairs for the current one or a new frame all together. Laundry is done (joint effort).

Hose is reclaimed from a couple places where replacement went in earlier this year due to holes in hose. Reclaiming involves cutting out the hole-ee parts (hardly holy, no saintly hoses on this Ranch) and inserting splice connections. This is old hose, formerly used to run water to the cow water trough. Though in shade mostly, still exposed to the weather (hot and cold) and eventually the hose does fail. The shorter segments work well in the garden plots, though.

Harrison 8N Ford Growliebeast... well, the refurbishment to operative status is a bit more involved than original estimates. I've cleared away the tall grass around him to complete an inspection. Besides the work I'll need to do to even see if he'll crank, much less start running, there is work to do preliminary to that so that he'll not suffer a major meltdown when he does start. That is, the radiator hose needs replacing. Time to measure lengths, and investigate if I need an actual '8N' configured hose, or if I can find something flexible enough to fit myself.

Mind, I do not consider myself a mechanic. I don't much enjoy such work, there are other things I do enjoy, and in general I'm quite happy to pay someone to work on mechanical items. Such as our cars. Then again, automobiles these days are computerised airway complicated beasts what with all their anti-pollution fittings. Harrison 8N Ford is very straightforward as internal combustion engines go. Fuel in, air in, ignition in, and hardly anything hidden by bodywork. Since there is also a dearth of mechanics who make house calls, I expect I'm learning more about being a mechanic than I'd thought.

Though if there is anything needing to be done inside the engine, it's find that house-calling mechanic.

Meanwhile, adding to the list of things, the battery is pulled and ready to be charged. There's a wire needing replacement, between the ignition coil and the base of the distributor. Some other wires in good shape, needing to be bound up and out of the way. That radiator hose mentioned, replaced. And... at least one tire is flat. I'll bet I may need to replace it. No idea what that will cost yet. Good possibility that the other front tire is flat also. At least the good news side, it is the front tires I'm thinking are in trouble, not the big fellows on the drive axle.

We need Harrison running, though. I've left him idle too long as is (bit over a year). Harrison is part of the Ranch work involving plants (as opposed to livestock) that I can do to help, as Harrison is involved in the tilling and cutting. Cultivation and nurturing and plants and I are a not so much scenario. However, turning them over back into the ground where they are planted, that's something I'm good at. And even better, with a tractor and a tiller. Or a bush-hog style mower. Oh yes, baby!
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