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Black & White

Black & White

Well, might not exactly be the Black & White you might of expected from me. *G* These two are about one week apart for calving day, both young bulls. We don't need more than one bull, and right now counting the adult we've got five. We're thinking about selling these two, though.

So. The 'Judging' Game. Last week I ran this concept, the poll with the three categories Camera Club #1 uses, and numbered selection for your votes which match the numbered values we ask the judges to assign, 1 - 9 points in each category for a possible total score of 27. Not many polled, which is OK (I shall not guilt trip you. I shall not guilt trip you. I shall not... who am I kidding? Those two previous sentences are of course guilt trips. Probably not very successful ones, though.) because hey, game, right?

OK, here on DW (site of writing post to be cross-posted to site of polling) no polls.

Anyway. I counted five participants in the Judging Game. Four of them on only one photo, one of them on three photos, four photos presented for the theme. Now, no offense Mike but you always vote the same, so your entries are the ones tossed out for the statistical validity test. Don't worry though, because in the long run none of you came anywhere close to the Judge that Judged.

Judge that Judged proved... harsh. I mean, the high scores, the photos which took 1st Place positions? They received 10's to 12's out of that possible total of 27.

And, I learned that I need to learn a lot more about High Key. Three of my four submissions should count as 'disqualifications' per the Competition Committee. However, they chose to use this competition/show as a teaching opportunity and publicly announced which photos would be disqualified with a cursory explanation of why. Cursory primarily to help move the competition along; they provided some more in-depth answers later. As is, the Judge that Judged moved the competition right along as well, since it didn't take much time to record those low scores. In fairness and open-mindedness, the scoring is consistent across all the categories that showed.

One category, Novice, received no entries. Either the Novices went elsewhere for the evening, or they truly didn't get the concept of High Key, or chose not to try with 'simple' cameras. Mind you, I keep telling people, particularly when I'm teaching, that a camera is a camera is a camera, and all of them are capable of recording as good a photograph as the photographer can make.

So Herself and I are continuing to study High Key, with an eye to gaining a much better understanding of just what the hell it is and how to do it.

Now, on to the first of the Judging Poll posts, (this one of the World War Two Memorial at night) and why I asked you to provide your input. Back in August for the Silhouettes theme, this one took an Honourable Mention with a score of 18. Five of you played the game this time, and yes, Mike, you are still the statistical fluke for the same reasons. The scores from y'all were 21 to 24 for an average 22.5 score.

Then again, that Judge that Judged didn't judge so harshly as last nights. Just sayin'.
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