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What Is

I suspect, in fact and after looking about the locality to see some similar odd-shaped such things, that it is a meal storage container. I do.

Been looking at a lot of photos today. This leads to several thoughts. One is on the need for a good catalog database of imagery. Thought I had one once. Probably did, simply didn't back it up before last October's laptop crash. If memory serves me correctly anyway. The program I've been using since reloading everything and specifically December is from Nikon, because it is 'free' (as in purchased the camera software came bundled). Big benefits, views the Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) RAW files for both our cameras, allows for adding metadata to image files, in batch operations, as well as file conversion (also in batch operations) Disadvantage, no 'Search' ability based on that metadata.

Searching for images to use in Camera Club #2 show next week. Theme is 'Nature' which means Nature and specifically states no man-made elements in the scene. One may clean a scene up to eliminate them, however no man-made elements. Nor domestic livestock or animals (i.e. pets). Nor still life, nor stuffed or mounted specimen.

I expect this one could actually qualify.

What are you using to catalog your imagery? If you use anything, that is.
Tags: art, nature, photography

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