madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Kittehs Of Apocalypse


Been a difficult week, overall. Monday, not so bad though with some of the precursors to the following events. Tuesday, Stay Late, stayed late, didn't sleep well. Wednesday never did really get into the groove, felt behind on everything even though really, I probably wasn't. Except, of course, for the big event which happened at home and I didn't know about until much later.

Being mysterious again, aren't I. Ya, talking around things.

This weekend I've got Ranch Watch, as Herself is off to SCA and helping (not doing, helping) another friend be feastcrat. I'm looking forward to hopefully a quiet weekend, feeding the Ranch, working on photos, being home.

Maybe, even, taking a nap.
Tags: animal portraits, art, kittehsofapocalypse, life, photography

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