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Fishing Trips

Every now and then, going fishing pays off.  Now, in my use of this concept, I'm talking about distributing my business cards with a comment to someone like, "I'd like to do your portrait."  It's a very specific comment, even though portraiture is part of my approach to two areas of photography.  When I say what I put down here, I mean, a portrait.  Head and shoulders, maybe face shot, maybe torso and head, but overall a portrait, a representation of a person which tries to be more than simply a "this is what George looks like."

Business cards are like candy.  When you give them away, the cards themselves aren't supposed to come back to you.  Hopefully, whoever you gave it to, or someone they gave it to, does come back.  But it's all bait.

A week and a half ago I gave away some bait.  I was in a local outlet of a major bookseller franchise, and the person who checked me out demonstrated a very nice demeanor, polite, helpful, not pushy (Do you want our Extra Special Customer Buyer Card? ... actually, didn't even ask that question).  And, a pale, elfin face surrounded by very black hair.

So I handed over a card and said, "I'd like to do your portrait, if you're interested."

Got an e-mail from them today.  Just a nibble, haven't taken the hook yet.  Just a nibble...

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