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Wrap-up, Camera Club #2

So these two, along with Trout Haven comprised the General Category this past Monday with Camera Club #2.

Lake Chelan, Washington

On my Flickr-stream this is my most-viewed photograph,as well as most Favorites. Flickr allows registered users to mark a photo as a favorite of their. I like it as well; a good scenic of a high-country desert lake. There is a bit of a 'punch-up' in post-production, emphasizing the blues closer to what my eyes saw. Do remember, though, I see colour in my own unique manner.

Sterling Falls Triptych

Sterling Falls is one of the waterfalls (out of, some days, thousands) in Milford Sound. It is a constant waterfall, rather than the many which result from the amount of rain received; with more rainfall there may be those thousands mentioned, most of which will trickle down and disappear as the rainfall eases off.

What is fun for me is that many people who've seen this first assume I've 'zoomed in' with the lens. Not so much; the Mamiya C330 is an interchangeable lens camera, however all the lenses are fixed focal length. Could of done this changing lenses, yes. They're all with the 'normal' 80mm lens (normal is the focal length for a given image size format that most closely matches the perspective/proportions seen by the human eye... wide angle will spread up to the extremes of fish-eye lens distortions, and telephoto lenses 'compress' the perspective) as our tour boat slowly approached the edge of the fjord and the falls.

Night shift last night. Thus today is a 'compressed' day, sleeping the morning away and muddling through the afternoon and evening until bedtime later. Not unproductive, however I've long found that my post night-shift day is one to work on things not requiring a lot of thought. Or energy. So I'm doing laundry while reviewing photos that need printing (for various reasons) and preparing to locate those files for a CD burn, to take to printer.
Tags: art, landscapes, nature, photography, scenic

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