madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

No Pic Today

I'm thinking this may turn into a photo break week. Stay Late yesterday resulted in another very late evening, eased only by the fact that today is a Scheduled Day Off for my being scheduled to work Evenings on Saturday. Herself reports that Houdini kept going to the door and looking out the door window, starting about 18:00 yesterday. That hour marks the 'normal' lateness for a return from work, saying I ran some errands or something on the way home.

Today started overcast, though with some breaks in the clouds. Tropical storm coming along, we experienced enough break in the pending weather to drive into town for a few things needed. Cat food for the Kittehs Of Apocalypse, some other groceries for us, and a couple tools. Made it home just as the rain started, much to Houdini's relief because there is some light thunder with it.

For whatever reason, then, today LJ is uncooperative as to display; no style to my view (except in the occasional glimpse of a Friend Page). I suspect ... anything. Weather. Laptop still being funky. Router connection. Modem. Whatever.

Time for dinner. Swordfish. Om nom nom.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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