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Life. It's What Happens

Just saw an ad for - well, not for exactly, about yes. Mind you I didn't read the whole thing, clicked through on the log-in page to Flickr rather than read the ad. The two questions in the ad that I did see asked me did my wedding video include a fainting groom or a dancing granny?

We did hire a videographer for our wedding.

For those not really interested, no the groom did not faint, and yes there was a dancing granny.

I did pause to think about it, though, on a few counts. First of all, the history of it. We hired the guys, and they came and taped the wedding and the reception. Contract, as I recall, asked for half down and half on delivery. So we'd paid half. Then time went by, we didn't hear from them, I think Herself tried calling them once or twice and the last time for sure she told me the number was disconnected. So we sort of wrote them off as a short time business.

Then a year and a half or so after the wedding, a knock on the door. One of the two guys was there, and held out a package large enough for two VHS cassettes. Very apologetic, he said they'd moved their offices about a month after our wedding, things got packed up, and then they got so busy they didn't unpack everything right off. They'd found our tapes about two months before the day he delivered them. During that time the finished editing the 'show' to contract. The second tape contained all the raw footage, since we hadn't received our product within contract time. Also, because of the late delivery, he said we didn't owe them anything else. Wouldn't accept a check, or cash.

I rather appreciated that integrity, and told him so.

We watched that tape, and showed it to family, and watched the raw footage because hey, I'm a photographer and such things are interesting to me even though truly? Raw Footage Is Boring. You can see and enjoy the parts that work well in the edited final cut, yet sitting through that much unedited tape is... just... oof.

And we've not watched that tape again for at least 20 years. I'm sure it's around here somewhere. I don't know where.

On the other hand, I do know where Herself is.

I think I've got my priorities right.
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