madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

I Am

Well, after a couple days more or less not on-line, I'm here and in recovery. Recovery, you might say, and then OMGWTF Happened!

Not much, really. Probably just too much work, not enough rest. At any rate, yesterday I called Hospital and informed them I wouldn't be in for my shift, so sorry. Details were not required, which is probably good for them as the details, though succinctly described shortly, lead to a whole world of TMI.

Short leash to the porcelain seat.

Curiously enough, Houdini IndoorDog BorderCollieBro alse experienced... frequency, shall we say, of necessary evacuations. Since he cleaned up the storage dish of the chicken salad Herself made (um... several weeks ago now) which I finished off for an early lunch after feeding teh Ranch critters. Thus I suspect that while it did not smell bad to Herself the evening before, nor taste bad to me, that it may well of been just a bit past prime. Though I suspect if I'd felt much more rested than the past few weeks of Exceeding Late Stay Lates and such, it might not of fazed me still.

Today felt much more solid, and less frequent, thank you.
Tags: life the universe and everything
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