madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Saturday morning...

Though I had more to say.

Feeling a bit excessively introspective, or introverted, or maybe just intro. Loosing track of certain aspects of time, and if the previous entry didn't give you a clue about that this one probably won't either. Behind schedule getting ready for an art show, though the images did go to the printer yesterday. Couple of days behind another well-wishing to one friend. Very behind on the same for another. Maybe a few years back I'd not even think about that. Past couple of years, though, with a system set up for reminders I'm better at sending along those types of greetings.


So. Hippie Un-Birdbaths shout out to wedschilde who will be enjoying the Hippie Birdbaths Weekend! I did think about you, and planned to post early because the actual Day Of was Hospital Stay Late Day. As we all know now, that didn't happen. I will tell you, Houdini felt very glad when I finally got home on Stay Late Day. Bedroom light on and I could see him, up on the Sleeping Place watching out the window. Ears all perked up, head cocked when the car engine shut down and the headlights went off, then tail wagging when I got out of Sydney SubaruOutback. May GusGus provide many such greetings for you.

Today is a Hitching Day for another friend, and we did receive the invitation, and... it's somewhere in teh Library Room. Things piling up in there. So I will be all mysterious and simply say there will be a package in the mail soon, possibly with something for everyone, or possibly only with something, eh, slave2tehtink? I doubt you'll see this today and you bloody well shouldn't, either, you should be enjoying all the fun and the craziness of the day.

Herself is working diligently on Ranch projects, with a big goal to be selling produce at two local farmers markets. She's been to them already, with a 'time off' span during September for some other projects and because the produce she did raise through the summer sold off. Late summer here, wow, it was hot as I might of mentioned, and even the shaded portions of her two gardens didn't do particularly well. With seasons change and cooling temps, things are growing again.

Now I need to make more progress happen on getting Harrison Ford 8NTractor Growliebeast growling again.

Somehow, mostly, I feel like I'd just like to go back to bed.
Tags: life the universe and everything

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