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What I've Been Working On

Looked for links to past entries here, thinking I'd posted something last year about the work I put into Necronomicon's Art Show. Apparently, not. Reason I looked for links is two part: two pieces from last year being re-shown, both are light-painting portraits. One piece from last year with some re-work to it, bringing a primary subject closer to the viewer, so I thought I might show you the original as it were. Only those three from last year, though.

One more piece from this year will be entered as well. All pieces this year will be framed. I've the two from last year which are 'only' matted, and I'll put those into the Print Shop. Maybe they'll sell. We'll see.

Partly this subject is on for today's discussion because I picked up and then dropped off the prints. Picked up and paid for the printing. If I say so myself, they look good. Dropped them off immediately with the frames and matting department at Flair Lab for matting. Three of the four will go into stock frames from Studio inventory. One I am getting framed by them, as the print is a bit odd in size: 9 inches / 22 cm high by 14 inches / 35.5 cm wide. It looks good printed, something I felt concerned about looking at the on-screen version. The size is the odd part, finding a frame for a single photo 9x14 is unlikely in a shop, other than getting one made. I contemplated a 10x16 frame on hand, the image would look too cramped top & bottom in that.

So, instead of posting photos, though that's related to the frequent burps connecting with image sites via Laptop on Wireless Router to Sky Internets, I've been working on them. We'll see some soon, I expect, as I do want to show the work.

In other news, received my Evaluation at Hospital today and am pleased to report that Gainful Employment continues unabated.

And now, time for dinner.
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