madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Saturday Morning

And apparently (sort of continuing a theme?) not much to say all week.

In summary first, yes I commemorated 10/10/10 by carrying a towel. Yes I worked. Yes I came home. See how exciting my life is? Or something.

At any rate. Yesterday on getting home after work (Houdini: Yea! BossStaysHomeDays!) we helped Herself unload feed stores for Hog & Cow. Besides getting the feed stowed in barrels where it is fairly weather-proof, needed empty truck for this morning. We then helped move a goodly bunch of various radishes out of Garden #2. These were then rinsed down, trimmed, rinsed again, bundled, and then packed in baskets. (Houdini: I thought Boss wanted to play Hose with me, but he played it with those stoopid plants and they didn't play right.) Then we cleaned off the tables and loaded them into Forrest Nissan Pickup, along with other non-perishable items which wouldn't attract un-paying customers during the night.

This morning up early, though not as early as most work days other than Houdini woke me earlier than that. (Houdini: I needed to go OUT, Boss) Then coffee with Herself before loading the produce into Forrest, and Herself set out for Farmers Market. (Houdini: It's a MrsBossGoesAwayDay. How odd...) Catching up with reading and posting now.

Other business on the way home yesterday, stopping to sign on the mat one of the prints going into Necronomicon Art Show next week. This is the only one I'm getting 'custom' framed, and that because the only frame on hand in inventory would cramp the image too much top and bottom. The other prints I've got stock frames or old frames found at yard sales here, and it's time to start using that inventory. Plan this year is to put in all framed images to the show, and potentially a couple matted prints into the 'Print Shop' they run. Sales to be determined.

This morning is Ranch Watch and Rounds, then H and I will spend some time in Studio 318. We'll do laundry at that time as well, and I'm working on some 'sketchbook' work as I mentioned previously. I may try posting some of the first round sketchbook done earlier. In this case, sketchbook refers to a plan to document how and were I set up assorted 'posing blocks' as a stage setting, and today I want to work with lighting that stage setting including the documentation of light locations. I think is good idea, to know ahead of time where lights & such will be before also paying another human to be on stage. Though I'm also willing to work from scratch if that's how things time out, I think everyone's time is better spent with a good shooting plan.

Tomorrow we'll see; need to run some errands, depends a bit on available funds.

See? Exciting life.

(Houdini: I like it. Boss is Home!)
Tags: art, life the universe and everything

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