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Second cup of coffee nearly consumed. About time to get up and make morning Ranch Rounds. Yes, an exciting life.

Did get in time yesterday in Studio 318, working 'sketchbook'. I suppose photographic sketchbook is different from the type done by an artist using pen/pencil/charcoal and such. Often those latter sketches could be pulled out and considered a finished piece. Perhaps some of the ones I did yesterday will contribute something to a finished piece. Overall, though, what I mean by 'sketchbook photos' is one of two things:

- I'm working on a concept which will require either or both a stage setting and particular lighting, and want to get some background with such before making the photos themselves, or

- I'm working a location I know I'll be coming back to, and want reference shots for specifics at that location. On the return trip I'll plan time of day into the shots as well, for particular light. But on the 'reconnaissance' trip, I'm primarily interested in what's there to be used.

Yesterday's work is more of the first point than the second.
Tags: art, life the universe and everything, photography

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