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When The Planets Align Successfully...

Then we get photo posts.

Lady of Tudor House
Lady of Tudor House

Is she searching for someone long lost, or simply unwilling to depart from old haunts...
Worked up for the Necronomicon Art Show, 10/2010. Composite photo.
Model: Marjai
Also utilised, the upstairs of the Tudor House which lived in Studio for several months last year. And, a photograph of a hand-dipped beeswax candle, made by Herself. Well, Herself made the candle, and I made the photograph for her erstwhile web site.

The next three photos may not be Work Safe, for various definitions of Work and Safe.

Satyrs in the Glenn
Satyrs In The Glenn - v2

An idyllic scene observed secretly, unbeknownst to the mythological creatures... or is it?
Reworking of a piece initially made for Necronomicon 2009, to be submitted to Necronomicon Art Show 10/2010. The re-working is based on feedback from a couple of people who's opinion I rather hold dear.
Models: Marjai & Bean

Unwilling Sacrifice
Unwilling Sacrifice

Light painting in studio, using Agfapan 100 35mm and Nikon FE2, 50 mm lens. Submitted to Necronomicon Art Show, October 2009 and 2010. Prints from last year will be in the Print Shop; all pieces hung this year in the show will be framed.
Model & Collaborator: Zoe Wiseman


Light painting in studio, using Agfapan 100 35mm and Nikon FE2, 50 mm lens, hand-held battery torch. Submitted to Necronomicon Art Show, October 2009 and 2010

Model & Collaborator: Zoe Wiseman. The entire concept for this piece is Zoe's. She told me she'd do three poses, and to paint her in each pose. I've likely posted a pure black & white version of this rather than the warmer tones here.


Oct. 25th, 2010 11:33 am (UTC)
Being fairly certain I'd posted it as a "Pic'o'Day" I went skimming through back entries here on LJ. The outcome is that either I didn't post it after all, or my tagging processes need to be improved and cleaned up because a quick search using tags didn't turn it up.

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