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Time off from work does not equal Vacation. Time off from work + Vacate equals Vacation. Just sayin'.

And another first, this time around with Flickr. Click on any link to go 'forward' (next page in a group, or to go see Contacts, or to go Home) and wind up on the Washington Post site. Click back, is Flickr (probably, realistically, loaded from cache). Click on Log Out and... Washington Post Can Not Be Found.

This is being both amusing, and very, very annoying. I'm still thinking it's something hardware, between Router and Laptop.

And, LJ Fail, eh? Not that anyone from LJ is going to read this, here. One of my entries recently received a spam posting from somewhere that shall not be named, but uses the Cyrillic alphabet. This occurred yesterday, while I was on Stay Late and unable to directly access LJ. Today, the user name associated with the post is struck through, and mouse-over provides a message that the account is suspended. Why is this LJ Fail? Because now that the account is suspended, I am no longer able to select the posted comment for either Deletion, Screening, or Deletion As Spam or any other action.

Ain't I amusing when I'm whinging? Have cracker and some cheese, eh?
Tags: life the universe and everything

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