madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Still Here

However, the artwork is very nearly packed. Four pieces framed, three prints from last year already in sleeves ready for the Print Shop, a fifth piece packed in for good measure. Paperwork completed to the point I can complete; remainder to be done when I check in. I may need price sticker tabs, dunno.

In between completing the framing with hanging devices, and the paperwork, and such, I've also helped Herself to move a bit of manure/compost about in the North Garden, fed the Ranch Critters, and a few other odds & ends.

Still to do, pack my bag, finish the artwork packing, set things ready to go. I shall arise early (more nearly my usual time on a work day), and plan to be on the road again by 06:00. Could put me into town for the con by about 09:00 though more likely 10:00.

Other plans afoot, perhaps to come to fruition. Not taking laptop, definitely. May have 'net access courtesy of my host so may be able to check things like e-mail and LJ. We'll see.
Tags: art, life the universe and everything

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