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All Hallows Eve

You may be very into this holiday. You might be the most dedicated person in your neighborhood decorating your house, property, self in Halloween themes.

This bloke, however, is committed to it.

All Hallows Eve

I remind people occasionally that while small, Teh Ranch is a functioning ranch. Herself now is raising crops using methods called Small Plot INtensive (SPIN), and taking produce to two farmers markets near by. The fewest chickens we've shared the place with since we first got some is three and a rooster, and they provide both entertainment and eggs. Mmm, fresh eggs om nom nom. We've been raising livestock, cows, goats, and hogs over time and we are not catering to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles with those shares in the live stock market.

Yesterday, with the season and weather trending to cooler temperatures, started the time for preparing the latter for resale. Now, our livestock are raised organically; we pay close attention to their supplemental feed, what's in it, what qualifies for organic, and very much so what is not in it. They are sheltered, as much as possible, from inclement weather and unpleasant events. We believe that Happy Animals Are Tasty Animals. When their time comes, we thank them for being bountiful.

And yes, we do consume them. We are not vegetarian.

There are parts which perhaps we do not consume directly. And we still want to make the best use of those parts, because we don't like waste. So occasionally something otherwise odd happens. Time and nature provide the initial cleanup to get at the bones underneath, which provide raw material for crafts and arts projects. Even the waiting period might be documented and be part of the art.

This is how, and why, this bloke became so committed to Halloween Decoration. Though in the other vein of this post, it occurs to me that the title could be (looking for the geeks here) 'Message From Boss Hogg.'


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Oct. 31st, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
I love photographing and drawing animal skulls, although I seldom know the donor personally.
Nov. 1st, 2010 12:38 am (UTC)
I'm sure I am preaching to the choir, but traditionally Samhain is the the last of the 3 harvest festivals prior to Yule, and was traditionally the time folks decided on which of the livestock were to be fed and kept through the long hard winter and which was to be culled and used for food during those lean months. I see this as a continuation of that tradition.
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