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Annual Hadj, Update Again

Back in Baja Georgia... actually, I'm far enough south that the distinctions between Georgia and Florida are quite clear. Will stay overnight in Mother Mary's house with Ruthann (Joy!). This is a good thing for many reasons. One of them is that with the touch of Crud still bothering me, I can't get my right ear to equalize and it's throwing my equilibrium off. Sitting isn't bad, but walking becomes... interesting. No, really, officer, I've not had any alcohol to drink today.

The first burst of pressure equilization truly was a burst; I could hear the air screaching through my eustcian tube. It was loud enough to hurt. This is probably TMI for y'all, but it's really unusual for me. I do not normally have this problem. Still, it is good to be this much closer to home. We'll drive up to the ranch tomorrow. Not sure if Ruthie will stay overnight, but she might. We're probably due for another feed run for the livestock by now.

From the professional point of view, it was a great Congress. We accomplished an incredible amout of work, passing no less than nine position statements which put us on record as recommending certain things be the standard of care. Some of these will be used to effect legislation regarding the particular standards. Things like mandatory overtime (which can drive someone into enough sleep deprivation that judgement becomes impared), staffing ratios, and prevention of fires in operating rooms.

From a personal point of view, successful trip but not as successful as I'd hoped. Not bad considering events of the week before the trip. And I know the location of two camera/photography supply stores in N'Orleans now. Always good to know.

Right now, a hot tub is calling my name. Even through my un-equalized ear, I can hear it. I bet you can too.

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