madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

On the Road Again

Due to depart today for South Baja Jorja and a weekend photography seminar hosted by F3C. Thus, a learning event. On the schedule is a workshop in Photoshop, a Photo Walk in the host town, a lecture presentation on Studio Lighting (though I may change my mind and attend a different one), and in keeping with the theme 'The Nature of Photography' the Feature Speaker will be Clyde Butcher. I didn't register early enough to get a place in Mr. Butcher's workshop out in the Everglades, though to be honest I'm not sure I would of registered for that as the ones I am attending appear to address current needs on my part.

However, since I'm still not trusting Laptop to be, yanno, actually portable, I'm probably not going to be on-line for a couple days or so. Have fun, I believe I will.
Tags: photography

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