madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

It is Sunday morning on teh Ranch and two of us lack motivation to do very much at the moment. Houdini is curled up behind my chair at desk, which makes it difficult to get up even if I wanted to. Which, sort of, I do. On the other hand, there is the before-mentioned lack of motivation going on.

Short leash to the porcelain seat yesterday, which is all you're going to hear about it. Still, got the Ranch chores done before it set in, and some other not so major chores done after that such as some laundry. Also took time to work on some of the things learned last weekend, so as to solidify the bits of learning. Transcribed my notes, for one thing, as a review.

Such is the exciting weekend I've been spending.
Tags: life the universe and everything
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