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Meanwhile, Back At the Ranch

Up early-ish this morning to help Herself finish loading produce into Forrest Nissan Pickup and head off to Haile Plantation Farmers Market. After feeding the Ranch and checking on e-mail, Houdini and I then loaded up in Sydney Subaru Outback and journeyed over to Farmers Market. Herself wanted me to reconoiter in terms of including some of our photography in our booth. Quick answer, didn't see any yet we probably could. Slightly longer answer, the shop which is behind where she sets up her booth does sell artwork, specifically photographs, and we can probably put some in there. More later, when I get a bit more info.

Houdini did well on the trip, particularly for a Country Gentleman BorderCollie who rarely gets to town and at that the biggest one being Williston, which is not particularly big. To his viewpoint there were a Lot of Humans and OMG A LOT OF DOGS! Keep in mind here on the Ranch his contact with dogs consists (consisted) of his brothers, his mother, and occasionally his sire when neighbor brings Mike along to visit. And the dogs from across the road, which interactions mostly boil down to THESE MAI GOATZ U GET UR OWN GOATZ.

He did OK in one-on-one meetings, but at one point walking through the market we came upon a group of five people with a total of six dogs between them. He didn't get out of hand, though I could tell his anxiety level was up some; ears back, no tail wagging. Got better when I stepped between him and the other dogs, and only a little reluctant to leave. Leaving a group, a pack, like that could be an invitation to trouble, you see.

However, he survived, and overall seemed to be quite curious about the strange new territory. Hanging out with Herself or I in the booth, no worries. Lots of familiar scents there.

When we got back to the Ranch, we ate a light lunch and then got started on a project which probably waited a bit too long, though not so long as to be un-doable. To whit, Harrison Ford 8N Tractor (see icon) needs attention, not having been run in about 18 months. May be able to get a photo up for y'all tomorrow. At this point, the generator is off (needs cleanout, and some other work), and the cowling is off to provide access for the rest of the work.

Removing both the generator and cowling (not necessarily in that order) are necessitated to replace two hoses, the initial impetus to work on Harrison. The lower radiator coolant hose is cracked and leaked out most if not all coolant, and with one hose needing replacement, the upper, return hose probably needed it too. Removing the cowling confirms that. And, considering he sits outside, bit of surface rust on the sheet metal to deal with, and some sub-surface rust shows a few other areas need attention too. So tomorrow, time to un-ship the radiator and take care of that, then see to removing the spark plugs (carefully) and placing some Krol penetrating oil into the cylinders before trying to crank him. Looking at the plugs... those need replacing as well.

So tomorrow may see another short ride for Houdini, this time to Williston and the auto parts store to purchase four replacement spark plugs and some coolant to eventually refill the radiator, and some replacement hose clamps for the coolant hoses and some fuel line hoses as well. Thus, we might get him cranking tomorrow, and then again we may not.

There are a few wires needing replacement as well, nothing big. With teh cowling off, as mentioned some sheet metal work there in terms of clean off the rust and apply some paint. Now, there are folk out there that may cringe when I mention I am not planning on the original Ford Grey as the paint. Harrison Ford 8N Tractor is of an age to be considered (by some) a collectors item, definitely a vintage motor vehicle. However, I'm not collecting him, I'm running him, to mow, disk, and occasionally till with. So we'll get paint, and cover those rusting areas after cleaning off the rust.

Later, maybe, on some occasion when I get an odd hankering to drive him in a parade, Harrison might get a good cosmetic touch-up to the original Ford Grey and Red colors characteristic of the 8N series. Probably not.

Once we've got him cranking and running, it will be time for oil changes (engine, transmisison, and hydraulics), and then an evaluation on do I need to replace tyres. At least the front tyres. The rear ones appear to be in good condition still. Then again, those were fairly brand new when we purchased Harrison some... oh... 11 years ago or so. But the front tyres may need replacing.

This evening, more turkey for supper. And (via Sky TV DVR) the Michigan-Ohio game.
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