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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

We drove up yesterday afternoon, arriving on the Ranch about 17:30. Met our next door neighbor P, who was feeding the livestock. Everything is OK, other than that the goats found a weak spot in the fence and pushed it down, so they were all following P's car and hoping for more feed. We'll need to do some fence repair soon. I think the whole stretch needs replacement, actually. Fortunately it's a relatively short stretch, and it's an "internal" fence meaning it leads to our property rather than a neighbor's or the road.

Spent a relaxing evening playing with the Border Collie Bros (BOSS! Mrs BOSS! You're back we missed you we're so happy to see you *wagging tails dancing bouncing wagging*). Unpacked from the trip, mostly straight into the laundry baskets. The suits will need to go to dry cleaners but everything else is home laundry. Set out the film shot in N'Orleans to take to the lab (later today). Made a simple dinner of Chicken Noodle Ramen.

Then, after drawing water for soup and eating, discovered... no water. The pump wasn't running. Breaker not tripped. Pressure switch (the actual on-off and is driven by water pressure in line) looking good (and I've seen them after they died, so I know that part). Starter box, condensers not exploded (again, I've seen that, and it's impossible to miss) though there were ants in the box. Cleaned that out. Still no joy.

Called the pump man this morning, same guy who's done our maintenance for a while. "Is the reset tripped?" he asks. Reset? Where? "On the bottom of the starter box." I'll go check... if you don't hear back from us, come on out when you get the chance.

Reset was tripped. It is now re-set. Pump runs. We have water.


I called in sick today.

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