madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Day, O

Not a terribly exciting day, which is actually good for me today. On the other hand, no time for a nap during the afternoon. This will be telling later, since I'm working Night Shift again. However, we shall see what comes to pass.

Houdini accompanied me on the feed run into Archer. We also stopped at the Post Awful, the Ace Hardware and the petrol station to top off Forrest NissanPickup. Herself is off to Haile Plantation Farmers Market tomorrow morning, and I want her to go with a full tank. I doubt the cold tonight would freeze her line, since it didn't last night and tonight is not supposed to be quite as cold. Before you Northerners start laughing, we dropped below freezing for quite a dip and at least six hours. Long enough to freeze any moisture condensation in a gas tank.

With that chore completed and the feed unloaded, we loaded in recycle refuse for another trip off teh Ranch. Plastics, metal cans, some glass and paper went to the recycle station at the dump.

Late afternoon we spent working up a possible exhibit method, to whit a means to show an informal 'slide show' other than using non-portable Laptop here.

See? Not terribly exciting.
Tags: art, life, photography, ranch, weather

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