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Pump ran for about an hour. Stopped. Reset wouldn't reset. OK, still didn't see any other problems, called the pump guy back. He made it out here by 15:00. Condenser was shot; hadn't exploded but the connections were loose, so that's been replaced. On the one hand, easy fix.

On the other hand, one of the two holding tanks is also shot. Hmm, less than a year and a half old and still under warrenty. So he's due back out tomorrow or Thursday to replace the tank. He didn't install that tank, either, but he's got the wherewithal to deal with the warrenty replacement, and he offered. Sure, we'll be happy to have you do that.

On the gripping hand, water is currently on to the house. During the interlude, the water to the old single wide formely known as home and now becoming known as Studio 318 was clipped (pipes already burst under the kitchen, the gate valve's been off since October) and capped. That part of the system is still gated off. You may infer from that comment that I've built in some damage control to the system. Unfortunately we're still point-source dependant on the one well. There are times I debate about sinking a second one.

Did a spot of grocery shopping (we'd emptied the larder and refrigerator of spoilables before I left for N'Orleans, since Ruthie was going to be in Deltona for most of that time), dropped off the film from N'Orleans for processing. I can pick that up tomorrow on the way home from work.

Tomorrow I probably will go to work, because I want to see one of the docs about this cough and congestion. Only reason I won't (and even then I'll still go see a doc) is if I spike a high fever.

So, now for a relaxing evening. Hopefully with a hot tub.


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Apr. 13th, 2005 05:57 pm (UTC)
"Meanwhile, back at the farm, the pond was overflowing..."
Ya, I guess it's time to check out the cough. I am very much hoping it'll all go away and you'll feel fine soon.

It's been a stressful month. Even though Mother Mary's death wasn't surprising and the trip to N'O ws fun, they were still major body and energy stressors, and it's probably not surprising if you're having a little more trouble than usual bouncing back.
Apr. 14th, 2005 05:04 am (UTC)
Re: "Meanwhile, back at the farm, the pond was overflowing..."
The response was "It's viral," and no antibiotics. Yet. However, keeping the Vit C dosage high on the morning vitamins, and keeping the echinacea on the list too. Got some rest yesterday evening, and should again tonight. That helps.

And yes it has, and I'm enjoying a good chuckle at/about all of us... you two have your share of the stress this past month too, and here we are all sending out our mutual support vibes.

The World may not be a friendly place, but people sure can be. *G*
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