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Laptop startup says
Windows shut-down not normal
I Do Blue Screen Nao

Wrapped up the evening on Sunday and shut down the Laptop. Monday wound up hostage at Hospital, and did not fire up when I got home. Tuesday, after helping Herself finalize 'hooping' her gardens (wire hoops covered with 4-mil translucent plastic to protect plants from Hard Hard Freeze), came in and powered up Laptop.

Laptop is into the same startup non-startup loop it did last year October when it crashed. So... it crashed. I've shut the lid, disconnected the USB hard drives (only, perhaps, one day of any data not backed up) and sighed.

Today, using Herself's PC which is a collection of its own oddities. Then again, hers is even older than Laptop by about a year. Or so. On the shopping list for this year Christmas we'd talked about two replacements. We will talk some more over dinner this evening, after I did a bit of shopping on-line. We'll see. However, from several points of view this incident shows how much individuals, families are relying on home computing power.

Item the First: Teh Ranch. While not a major agricultural industry we are a working ranch, with beef cattle, goats, and now serious truck garden crops. Financials for this are kept on computer, in software which interfaces easily with US Income Tax software. December 31 ends the financial year; income tax preparation time looms nigh.

Item the Second: Publicising teh Ranch involves a web site under early design (i.e. writing the words and making the photos). Soon needs publication to a host.

Item the Third: Fine Art Photography is in large part digital these days, even working with our film library. That gets scanned and digitised so we can work with it. Backups are current on those USB hard drives and on DVD storage. Manipulation, however, requires a functioning PC with specific software (at least three packages at some stages, interrelated). There are no deadlines looming here, just ongoing work.

Item the Fourth: Y'all. Interactions with quite a few people is through this and related sites, e-mail, and a few others. Lots of interaction. Do Not Wants Interaction Withdrawal Symptoms.

Item the Fifth: Other Financials. As in bank accounts and others. Access online is a huge part of our daily business.

We'll see, though. We'll see.

In other news, we are indeed experiencing a very cold snap here in North Central Baja Jorja. Overnight temperatures are dropping to middle to low 20's F / -10 to 15 C. In previous years, our routine for this primarily ensured that the goats got hay bedding in their shelter and we added a wind-break to the north sides. Horses and Cows, being larger animals, find their own shelter in the trees, and that works quite well. All of them get additional feed hay laid in as well. We've done that this time around as well.

This year, since Herself started the truck garden with the purpose to take produce to local farmers markets, she's a lot more concerned about her produce. Initially she thought her tomato plants took too much of a burn from the freeze a week or so back, not as deep as this round. However, putting them under the feed sacks apparently helped, and at least one row looked still green and firm. Today we added another row of those hoops (cut from 9 gauge steel wire, quite stiff) and pulled the 4-mil plastic over them. We'll see how they do tomorrow. However, the hoop-houses when she checked them this morning actually emitted 'steam' (as in warmer moist air hitting the cold air outside) and the bits underneath all look pretty good to her.

This weekend is due to see a break for a couple days, then next week another dip into those frigid deep freeze temperatures. Odd weather for us here in North Central Baja Jorja, yes. Freezes? Yes we get those. This early in the season, and that cold not so much. Probably more evidence, even if anecdotal, about global climate changes.

Just now, time for dinner.
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