madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Coming To You Via MadShutterbugPC

In short, the new PC is now up, running, and I'm using that rather than Herself's to do this. When I say up and running, there is limited things done yet:
- Basic system disks burned, including recovery and drivers
- AVG protection installed
- Not much else

So, actually, still using IE. Other apps need to be installed, however we are about to catch up on some other chores since the rain stopped. Also new PC is running Windows 7 so I've joined the world of Win7 users.

Amongst other things that will need changing soon, the default desktop wallpaper which advertises the company which manufactured MadShutterbugPC. Not so much that I mind it; it's a nice photograph of some smoke, and it says Gateway(r). However, I'm much more used (and vain) to my own work.
Tags: computers, life the universe and everything

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