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The Saga, so far (in a nutshell or yanno, electronic bits)

Oct. 2009: Laptop crashes while on the road, during a shutdown. Major crash. Resuscitation requires reformat of hard drive & re-installation of all software/drivers. Even so. Laptop does not act as 'normal' afterwards.

Dec. 2010: Laptop crashes, probably during shut-down, even though to all appearances shut-down occured normally. Stuck in reboot loop ending in Blue Screen of Nothingness. RIP, Laptop.
NOTE: Two USB external hard drives are connected to Laptop at time of shut-down. Data storage is primarily on these two drives, rather than internal HD in Laptop.

Next week, two replacement desktop PCs purchased (Herself's PC is old, and while not showing signs of failure is operating slowly). Due to work schedule, setup does not start for two days after purchase.

PC #1 setup appears to go normally. Partial software installation (as in not all the apps I use) done on first day, only one app giving a message that a (Vista) file hadn't been found. One app installed (Google Chrome) using saved software off one of the two USB Externals.

NOTE: 1st action on startup even before connecting to Internet is burn the system restore & app/driver restore disks per instructions.
NOTE: 1st software installed, off CD, is AVG anti-virus. Skip the included Norton.

Shut-down at end of day appears normal. Morning re-start provides a message that Windows did not shut down normally and PC will attempt to restore. Re-boot, restore, loop to same message. Restart in Safe Mode. Discover which file is listed as corrupt. Attempt restart again. Repeat. Loop. Unable to fix.

This PC is disconnected & packed back into the box. Likely I'm going to return it anyway, because the hardware button to open the DVD burner is touch about where and how hard to push to open the DVD.

PC #2 setup started, appears to go normally. Just In Case, this time accept 60 Day Trial Norton so that some anti-virus is active from get-go. System restore & app/driver restore disks burned. Software installed, this time using IE & going to Google to download/install Chrome. Not all of the software installed as had been on PC #1. AVG Not Yet Installed (working off that Norton). Night time shut down does go normally, PC restarts fine in the morning.

Start up Norton, plug in same USB external HD as previously used to scan (Just In Case). PC Freezes. No keyboard or mouse input. Puts self to sleep after time interval. Wakes up fine to power button. Hmm...

Power down via button, and restarted fine. No other error messages.

Any thoughts? Haven't tried the second USB HD yet, nor the first one on Herself's PC. Could it be scrambled from Laptop crash? Virus? AVG performed regular scans on Laptop, along with a couple other protection apps recommended by some friends in the business.

Meanwhile, Ranch taken care of, Herself taken care of (shelf installations in her room). Unfortunately the two youngest kids from yesterday, who popped out shortly before sundown, did not survive the night. Mom took good care of them, they were in with the herd in the barn, and still it got too cold for them. The rest of the new kids are doing OK.

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