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It's interesting to be making morning posts on week days again. Previous year in direct patient care role pretty much precluded such, and that is as it should be. This week of being 'retired' I'm just as busy during the day, simply starting a bit later and able to write while enjoying morning coffee. When evenings come around, while I may read and catch up, I'm generally less interested in making a long posting. Yesterday's about haiku was built through the course of the day in several short sessions.

Things we are doing:
Keeping an eye on the new kids. Fourteen live ones so far, with hopefully the doe who lost her two (kidded too late in the evening on the coldest night, the kids did not survive) will successfully adopt the two from Nose, one of our older does with a very fibrotic udder. Nose makes milk, her ducts are totally blocked. Her last two kiddings, we've wound up bottle feeding her kids. The curious aspect of that is, she continued to nurture the kids after/between feedings. Hence, despite her inability to feed her offspring the reason she's still in the herd.

GeeGee, the younger doe, is one of our bottle kids from previous years. She's three now, and for whatever reason (one being she did stay in the Doeling Pen rather longer than some) this is her first kidding. So we felt quite bad for her. Still with Nose kidding the very next evening, we brought in our Goat Travel Crate (home-made, to fit into the back of Forrest Nissan Pickup and often used out), popped in Noses's two kids and G-G. She immediately started nuzzling them, cleaning them, and within an hour or so both had gotten onto her teats. It appeared almost as if her response was 'O, Ther U Are. Been looking for yous' as to the kids.

If we don't need to bottle-feed a couple kids, we're quite happy with this.

Other chores included laying in more goat feed and more of the pine shavings we've switched to for barn bedding. Hay, even straw, is gotten very expensive relatively. For an equivalent price we're getting these bags of compressed pine shavings, untreated, which when fluffed out cover a much larger area for bedding. Additionally, they seem to shed urine and feces better than the straw bedding as well, which means it will last a bit longer. Since it's untreated, any nibbling which occurs will not harm the goats, and when we do scrape out the barn it can still be composted for garden use. Win-Win.

Shortly before heading out for a Road Trip taking Herself shopping, the water line to the Back Porch of Studio 318 and the washer thawed out. Heard water running up on the porch and when I checked it, well it's not great news. Possibly the connection on the washer is cracked. Possibly it is only the hose. Will inspect that today, since it's supposed to be much (much!) warmer than the previous two weeks.

After turning off the water to the washer, we headed down the road to Ocala. Three stops there, one at Sams for dogfood and a couple other supplies/staples (coffee!), one at a place Herself told me about, Hobby Lobby, and the final on the way back at a restaurant supply outlet. The latter sells both new and used restaurant equipment, and since Herself is investigating establishing a 'certified kitchen' she is looking into sources for said equipment. A fascinating place, it is. Who knows, may even pick up a photo prop or two.

Back to Hobby Lobby, this trip we simply did an exploration. Since both photographing Tudor House last year, and looking through the special effects photography book gifted by a friend, I've been contemplating building a scale room as a 'stage set'. Consequently, been looking for local outlets which provide scale house/doll house supplies. Success. We also picked up two small boxes. I thought at first cardboard, probably paper mache actually. These will provide props for Otterz Mob work.

Got home just at dusk nearly dark, and after taking the Bros out to feed the Cows, we all enjoyed dinner in the House. Houdini is still a bit concerned that his position as Indoor Dog is in jeopardy, despite reassurances, because we've brought Squrrl in the past several nights of well below freezing temps. Squrrl says he wouldn't mind being an Indoor Dog too, however we still need to see if he can learn that Lifting Legs to Mark indoors is Not Acceptable Behaviour.

Progress with getting new PC setup. One of the on-hand USB HD which I'd been using with Laptop got checked, some file system errors fixed, and virus scanned. More software installed, including basics for image cataloging and viewing. Verified that yes, indeed, the sound card works. Quite nicely. This could lead to future posts about music and listening to same. Still to go, install owned copy of AVG and potentially a couple others, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet software, Quicken, Acrobat (to provide a printer), and finalise the internal debate about loading PerfectOffice (I'm a WordPerfect geek from way back) or Open Office simply because.

And, at some point, the higher anxiety chore of checking that other USB HD which may be problematic.

Not, quite, then bored.
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