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What It Is

Kids: No new ones overnight, and doesn't appear the remaining pregnant does are labouring. All the rest are alive, moving, complaining at moms when hungry.

Ranch, other: Not much. Everyone else fed, except cows who get fed in evening. Garden uncovered yesterday so that whatever rain today came along could provide water. So far, sprinkles. Heavier areas of rain both north and south of us (of course). Uncovering the plants this time, from learning through re-covering last time (Herself had folded the 4 mil plastic over itself to the center of the rows) much more like furling a sail, rolling it to one edge of the rows the piece covered. Might make it easer to re-cover when needed.

Computer Saga: figured out which program most probably caused the earlier PC #1 installation crash. Kick myself lightly, because a bit of reading likely could prevent that. Caused me to do further research and determine that at least three, possible more of the apps I own are now outdated for the OS. Figures. Ah well.

One of those is my copy of PerfectOffice, meaning WordPerfect 12 plus associated software. This may be a moot point. Not installed yet, I've downloaded Open Office to see how this works. Big plus, if it does work, is the suite is free.

Kitchen: Confusing Houdini significantly. Herself is our usual cook. I know how, don't particularly enjoy it, so cook only when necessary. Today is my day, though, making a 'traditional' dish for this evenings Solstice Party at S&K's place. It isn't the Solstice yet, they usually hold the party on the closest Saturday other than Christmas. So I'm making Cheesy Piggie, aka Blasphemous Dip.

Herself's brother is here to pick up the small trailer & 4WD ATV he left a couple weeks back, on his way home from a hunting trip. Reason for leaving here is he managed to bend the axle on the trailer, so was overheating and blowing out tyres on the road heading home. He's here with a bigger trailer which will hold both the ATV & trailer for the trip home.

Also doing laundry.

Exciting, eh?
Tags: goats, life, ranch

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