madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Been a Week

It's been quite a week here on Tah Ranch. Kidding. Freezing. Warming. Chilling.

Most of the projects I've worked on, most of them, involved things on teh Ranch and revloved somewhat around the whole bit about kidding going on. In the background there's that work on the new PC's, one of which is what I'm working with right now. The other one... well, maybe a bit more work before trying to exchange it. Just because I did put a bit of data on there that I'd as soon not give to someone else. Nothing critical. Nothing identity hazarding. Just something I'd as soon not give away just yet.

Tomorrow, back to Hospital in a new job which is so much like the old job, it is the same position number. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to that. On the other hand, this week away has been nice. Thus, on the Gripping Hand, I could get used to this being 'retired' gig.

Though as I mentioned a bit back, it's been much more a week of self-employment than retirement.

Kidding. Oh my. We're up to 40 live ones. So far we've not had another kid die, though there is one we are not sure about just now. Doe is still nuzzling and bonding to him, but he's not been on the teat yet. We did, this morning, find one of the newly kidded does down, and she died shortly after we found her. Up and moving yesterday, but from the signs we found very probable she got septic following kidding. This is the first time we've lost a doe this way in 20 years. We're taking over feeding her three kids. With a few more does to go, we're near the end of the kidding until next time. Not bad over all.

Houdini says it's time for some couch time, so ta for now.
Tags: goats, life, ranch

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