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Some Visual Catch-Up

I nattered on a bit last week about how the Goats here on teh Ranch started the Winter Kidding. Here are some highlights.

However, not too many photos.

GiGi With First Live Kids
GiGi With First Kids

GiGi got her name because she was one of our bottle-kids (her doe either couldn't or wouldn't so we did), and she was one Greedy Gut kid while bottle feeding. Last year, her first pregnancy she had a still-born. This year, twins, live births.

Unfortunately, she also had them right before sundown on what proved to be one of our coldest nights, with temps into the high teens F (-10 or more C). These two, her kids, are the ones who cold-stressed and died.

GiGi With Adoptees
GiGi & Adopted Kids

This is GiGi again, this time two days later adopting two kids whose doe is unable to feed them. We felt some concern that she would not adopt; instead, the process went something like this:
- Put GiGi into holding pen.
- Put new kids into holding pen right after GiGi, before she even turned around.
- GiGi turned around and said "O Hai, There you are. I've been looking for you, kids!"

Not To Be Out-done, Ms Henny Produced Four Hatched Eggs

Kids! Hunnerts of 'Em!
Kids! Hunnerts of 'Em!

Well, 21 or so in this picture. About half the kidding so far.

Barn Dressed
Barn Dressed for Winter

North and west faces of the pole barn, dressed for winter by putting up wind breaks over combination panels fastened to the poles. Come Spring and warmer weather, we'll open this back up for ventilation. Right now, with 40 (plus or minus) new kids, need the shelter.

Uncle Houdini
Houdini & Kids

Houdini Border Collie Bro memorising new members of the herd.

Back home from first day back to work. It's like I never left...
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