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Chicken Soup

So, after putting the tax return into the mail, picking up dog and cat food, I did indeed get myself some chicken soup. Got home, unloaded the pickup (Ruthie has the Subaru, down to Mother Mary's again for business) slowly, fed the Border Collie Bros, and the Kittens of the Apocalypse. Then put the soup on to low heat, and myself into a hot shower. Following that, the soup, cough medicine, more TheraFlu(R), and about nine hours of sleep (interupted by occasional airway clearing), I'm feeling better. Not good, but better.

So today I must get out and feed the livestock; if that goes slow, that's fine. So long as they're fed. And later today I've an invite over to friends for dinner. I'll need to make up my mind on that, I accepted a couple days back, before I started feeling more under the weather. More chicken soup on the menu for lunch.

I'm sure I'm missing something in there I'm supposed to do today. After the rate of happening these past three weeks, there's got to be something. Though if I don't find it, I'm not going to complain. *G*

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