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Life in the Frigid ... South

We've just come back in from the evening feed of the bottle kids. Current temps here in North Central Baja Jorja, at least in town (where the report comes from) are 40 F/4 C. That's down, in about an hour and a half, from 55/12. Yup, tonight's gonna be a cold one.

Today's errands included Post Awful (we use a PO Box for snail mail), petrol for Forrest NissanPickup, and feed for horses, goats, and hogs. Distributed same upon arrival home, all with Houdini's assistance. Then lunch. Following lunch, errands included into town for fruit juices for Herself, some septic tank treatments, and petrol for Sydney SubaruOutback. All with Squrrl's assistance.

Evening feeds completed (kids the last, horses and cows earlier) and the hog water points disconnected and drained, it is now time for sausage, beans, and rice.


Where it's a toasty 65 F/18 C.

In other news, progress (a bit) on getting the iTunes setup to recognise new PC. Otherwise... well, you already saw my day.
Tags: life, ranch, weather

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