madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Chilly. Not Chili

The day started a lot slower than we'd originally discussed yesterday evening.

I woke up somewhen near to 'usual' time for a weekday, got up to relieve bladder pressure and asked Houdini, 'So, outside, or back to bed?' Houdini voted for back to bed, so off we went. Next time I looked at the clock, enough light filled the room to see. Right. Not up early then.

Got everyone taken care of none the less, except one of the hog water points did freeze and burst last night. No flood, I'd disconnected the water. No surprise, either, as I couldn't feel water draining most probably due to a dirty pressure nozzle. The hog water points are like a drinking fountain for hogs. Flow on demand. Get them dirty enough (after all, they're hogs) and they clog. There are materials on hand to make replacements. Probably tomorrow, as today didn't warm up enough outside.

I'd of done them today, except we loaned our space heaters normally used in Studio 318 to friends who experienced ductwork problems with their H/AC. Thus, no heat. Thus, space heater loan, which means Studio 318 is more like a refrigerator than otherwise. Since there's no water supply to Studio, most likely no damage.

On the other hand, did get some errands done and another major to-do lined up. Septic tank needs to be pumped out. Last time we got that done was (counts on fingers and toes, runs out) a long time ago. I mean, the tank is of size for a 5-bedroom house with family, and it's just Herself and I. However, tank started 'sweating' to the surface in a couple spots, so it's time. Should be done tomorrow.

Also took the radiator and gas tank from Harrison Ford8NTractor to a shop for work, y'all should recall I mentioned pulling those oh a month ago or so. More on that later. On the way to and from that shop, also picked up new fan belt and spark plugs, so those are in hand.

After that errand, Houdini and I went to town for cow feed, plus some more goat. He's such a popular guy, all the ladies at the feed store just swoon over him. And cookies, dog cookies. He gets lots of dog cookies there too.

Almost time to go feed the horses now, and disconnect the one hog water which is connected, so it won't freeze and burst tonight. Good news, the weather forecast indicates this should be the last night of hard freeze. In this cold snap, anyway.

In between all that, finished up with getting the iTunes installation to recongise new PC and allow playing of the old iTunes library. Now I can finish backup of the few purchases I made there to CD.
Tags: life, ranch, weather

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