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Year In Review Meme, 2010

The first sentence from the first substantive post* for each month in 2010, with clarification where needed.

* Substantive, as in, skipped things like birthday wishes. Then, I started thinking about the whole thing and how it reflected fairly quickly things happening during the year. So I included a link to, and possibly some commentary on my own about the post. Be aware, if you follow the link, that several of these are part of my Pic'o'Day project and bypass the cut. So if you're on dial-up, may take a while for the posts to load.

And now, the meme:

January: Woke up around 07:00 this morning I expect more or less by habit. Read it Here. (Meditating after reading this post, an odd feeling that at the time I was still, officially, in Old Job and not back in the OR again. Rather a few changes this past year...)

February: Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who has been eaten by dragons. Read it Here. (I AM the Dragon...)

March: Swallows on their nesting box, overlooking a salt marsh on the inland side of the dunes at Sandy Neck, Massachusetts. Read it Here. (Actually, the 'second' line, because it is more pertinant to the post than the actual first line.)

April: The upcoming weekend is >canceled<. On Friday evening, proceed directly to Monday. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Read it Here. (Four entries this date; birthday greetings, an April Fools or two with one being how I listed the staff in OR on the Communication Board and the Pic'o'Day.)

May: While I don't recall seeing as many bighorn sheep on the second trip out to visit Sister & Bro-in-Law, that trip did occur during the summer months. Read it Here. (Again, 2nd line because. This is another Pic'o'Day posting.)

June: The Otterz Mob gathering for a group portrait at FredCon. That's Fat Fred Himself in the back, wearing shades and a trademark Hawaiian shirt. Read it Here. (Right, two lines, tough. Another Pic'o'Day posting, so it follows to use both.)

July: This is another one which, actually rather seriously, started off with such a Con art show as Necronomicon. Read it Here. (Both a Pic'o'Day post, and an experiment at posting a poll with the photos. What I recall is first couple of polls got a big response, then things tapered off.)

August: The rain and thunder yesterday went a long ways to cool it off in the evening; we'd waited for it to stop to unload the feed from Forrest NissanPickup. Read it Here. (I skipped the Birthday Greetings post, and didn't use the Pic'o'Day post line. That one came after this post, however, so it is all placement.)

September: I've posted this before I think, however this one is re-worked for the High Key theme next week with Camera Club #1. Read it Here. (Pic'o'Day, with a poll. At this point, I mention that all 'first lines' also are taken from first day of month postings. This I attribute to either time off from work, or the Pic'o'Day posting exercise. Also, in retrospect, the High Key work didn't do particularly well, because nor was it particularly high key.)

October: Well, after a couple days more or less not on-line, I'm here and in recovery. (Heh. Go read this one. Promise, nothing really bad. Read it Here.

November: So much wandering through the reading stream leading to thoughts about this, that, and a Japanese proverb. 'Chase two rabbits, catch neither one.' Read it Here. (Feeling rather contemplative in this one...)

December: We spent some time this evening, and actually Herself spent quite a bit of time this afternoon, tucking in the Ranch for a hard freeze overnight. Read it Here. (First of the three hard freezes experienced here on teh Ranch in North Central Baja Jorja this month.)
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