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Goals. Resolutions.

I am a member of 82 Groups on Flickr. I regularly browse through perhaps a dozen of them, post to fewer. This may be pertinent to this musing, may not be.

Goals are Resolutions, and New Years is a traditional time for resolutions. I often don't make any. This year, I'm thinking hard about that. Here are some of my reasons.

The past three years, I've attended Necronomicon in the Tampa Bay area, the first year I call reconnaissance, the second reconnaissance in force, and last year a planned, definite showing. The first year, I determined that yes, I can make art that fits the 'theme'. The second year, I did so, and set up the display, plus picked up pointers for making the display better. Last year, display to plan (all framed work, with a solid colour background for display purposes, and put pieces in the Print Shop priced lower, to sell). This worked to a goal: begin showing my work, achieve public exposure.

This is part of a longer term goal. My father phrased it, 'When I retire I will grow my hair long and a beard, and open my studio.' My brother suggested Dad could of made a living from his art, and opted for security instead as a child of the Great Depression. So start sooner, particularly if one believes in ones work. I did start sooner, offering pieces for sale, establishing a small web presence, getting some pieces out there.
Last year also saw me retire. Not permanently, and rehire a week later. Opting for security, as a child of my father. Still, I've retired. There will be some additional income for a time. Much of that needs to be set aside in savings, for future use and tax purposes. Some, though, will help achieve a better stability. So it is time, with that in mind, to expand on getting my work out there. On marketing myself.
To this end:
- I've been looking at self-publishing art photography books. This year: Publish Two.
- I've established myself in one art show. This year: Three.
- I've investigated places to sell my work locally. This year: Prepare and Deliver.
- I've been working on slowly paying down a large outstanding bill. This year: Pay. It. Off.
- We've been telling ourselves time to clean up the Household...

Now, that last one is where the Flickr Groups begins to figure in. It isn't much of a house-cleaning. Still, if I'm not actively participating in a group, don't browse it more than once a month... clean it off the list. At the very least, this provides one less thing to make me feel I'm not keeping up.

Flickr isn't the only place to clean up. There is a lot more around teh Ranch that needs it, in the House, in the Studio, in the Outbuildings. We're off to a good start. Radiator and gas tank for Harrison Ford8NTractor are back from the shop, and waiting for hardware to install. Today sold, and watched be towed away, my 27 year old 1984 bought in 1983 Chevy Sportvan, Ryuu Maru. It's sad to see him go in one way. Ryuu is the first vehicle I purchased brand new, no prior owner (only done that twice, not really a huge thing). When I finished paying him off, I turned right around and borrowed money using him as collateral to make the down payment on teh Ranch. Paid that off again, and now teh Ranch is near to being paid off. Ryuu took me and mine to a lot of SCA events, and more. Still, for the past too many years, he's been non-functional, a pile of potential parts costing too much to get running again.

He's gone to someone who wanted a parts van to keep another van running. Along with him went four dead lawmowers. The yard out there looks less cluttered because it is. And the funds that came my way for Ryuu Maru will help get Harrison going again.

Now all that remains is to keep truckin' along on achieving these goals.
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