madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

New Years Eve, New Years Day Back At the Ranch

So. Some photographs.

Now You Kids Be Careful
Squrrl Sez: U Kidz B Careful, or MrsBoss will haz my hide!

Vigilant Squrrl is Vigilant
Vigilant Squrrl Is Vigilant

He is extremely fascinated by the kids, and spends most of his time out in the paddock with them. Except when their mothers get concerned about the Wolf Stalking Their Kids.

Ms Henny & Chicks
Two or three weeks hatched, and they are doing very well indeed. They follow their 'mother' (not her eggs, other than she brooded the clutch, they aren't the same breed chickens as she is...) everywhere, respond to her calls, and tuck in with her at night.

New Years Morning After
10f4 KittehsOfApocalypse Prince Spreadables Himself...
sleeping of the New Years Eve partying...

Rain today and last night, with some thunder last night. One wouldn't think a 75 lb/34 kg Border Collie could hide himselve completely in the space of an armpit. This proves not to be the case after all...
Tags: border collies, chickens, goats, photography, ranch

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